Artists & Photographers
Tecla lived and worked in East Harlem and the West Village in
New York City. She was an artist, teacher, feminist and political activist.
Her world was very intense and personal.
A glimpse into Tecla's World was a rare and wonderful experience.

Margie Kahn
As a photgrapher and artist who has spent the last 10 years recovering
from a debilitating illness, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, I have had
the opportunity to look again at my past work with a new perspective.

Now differently abled, I am trying to explore new ways in which I can
express my creativity and personal vision.


Matthew Borenstein
A photographer with a unique vision of city as an
abstract collage of texture, structure, light and color.
Matthew has lived in New York and Italy, and has
a passion for photography, language and everything Italian.

Matthew does color still photography, unique slide presentations,
custom photo album-books and office installations.
He has exhibited in such New York alternative venues as:

The Knitting Factory,

Java n' Jazz,

Barnes and Noble

and with Project/Project.